Pregnant Women Are Not Worried About Stretch Marks, This Is The Solution

Stretch marks are a common thing experienced by pregnant women. This happens due to stretching of the skin during pregnancy. If not anticipated, its appearance can reduce self-confidence. Strech mark usually appears when pregnancy gets bigger. It is not uncommon for pregnant women who later claimed to worry that their skin would not return to normal, even after giving birth. Reasons for Stretch Marks Pregnancy makes some parts of the body bigger, and the skin then adapts to these changes. As gestational age increases and the abdomen widens, the elastic fibers under the skin surface break and eventually form fine lines called stretch marks. The appearance of stretch marks is marked with a purplish red color on the surface of the skin. In some people this may also be accompanied by itching. Breasts and abdomen become the two areas most vulnerable to the appearance of stretch marks. However, stretch marks can also appear on other body parts, such as buttocks, thighs, upper arms. …
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